Thursday, February 11, 2016

Four Best Friends, Then One Went Missing!!

        "Cold Shot"
       By Dani Pettrey


 Enjoying college, Griffin McCray and his three best friends had made plans for the future. Their lives were all planned out, their hopes and dreams coming together. Griffin and Luke would join the Baltimore Police Department, while Declan Grey would become part of the FBI and Parker would study to become a crime scene analyst. Then, the unthinkable happened! Luke vanished before graduation and these young men's dreams and friendships crumbled along with this nightmare.

Now, years later, Griffin has left the police as well as his friendships. As he was still trying to forget a case that went bad when he was a SWAT team sniper, he is attempting to live a quiet life as a park ranger in Gettysburg. Well, it was quiet, until his world was once again turned upside down. Skeletal remains are uncovered near Little Rounided Top and they are NOT from the Civil War!

Griffin would just like the case to go away, however a charming forensic anthropologist  Finley Scott discovers evidence that points directly to an expert sniper. When FBI agent Declan steps in to take over the case, the past and present collide! Some of Griffin's darkest hours have to be confronted, otherwise those he cares about will not escape the downward spiral of crime, danger and murder.

My Thoughts:

I love a good romantic suspense and looked forward to reading this one. I had read Dani's earlier books, Submerged, Stranded and Silenced and enjoyed them. 

This novel, I found to be a bit hard to "get into".  It took me three or four chapters to clearly understand who each character was and what part they played in the story. The characters a realistically and well described. It doesn't take long to identify with them and become part of the story. You feel their hurts, challenges and fears. 

The plot is well developed filled with unexpected twists and turns. Once I really got involved in the storyline, I sat on the edge of my seat awaiting the next fear filled situation. I wanted to shout "Run for your life" many times!!!  Romance played a big part of this story. The romances seemed to be intertwined with the most shocking situations.

Dani writes a good, clean Christian novel with the perfect amount of suspense, mystery and romance , to keep the reader engaged throughout the book. I was impressed with the many times that the characters prayed a fast simple prayer, not only in times of need but also when  thankful. 

I would recommend this book to all those who love mysteries. Just a word, be patient and read a couple of chapters, before you make a decision to continue. You will be glad that you did.

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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

A Fast Paced Book, Race Against Death!!

            "Always Watching"
              By Lynette Eason

Synopsis: (taken from back cover)
The bodyguards of Elite Guardians Agency have more than just skill and prowess in common--they're also all women. When it becomes clear that popular psychiatrist and radio personality Wade Savage has a stalker, his father secretly hires Elite Guardians in order to protect his son.

But when Wade's bodyguard is attacked and nearly killed, agency owner Olivia Edwards must step in and fill the gap. Olivia's skills are about to be tested to the limit as Wade's stalker moves from leaving innocent gifts at his door to threatening those closest to him. Olivia has the feeling that she's next on the list. And to complicate things even further, she realizes that her heart may be in as much danger as her client.

Bestselling author and fan favorite Lynette Eason drops readers right into the action in this fast-paced new series with a unique twist. Readers will love these strong female characters who put it all on the line to save lives.

My Thoughts:
Words that describe this book??? Eerie, chilling, fast paced!!! This is the first in Lynette's new series, "Elite Guardians", a group of female bodyguards, who are fearless protectors and will go to extreme lengths to make sure that they do their jobs well, regardless of the danger and unknown factors. 

 The first emotion that arose as I began this novel, was extreme fear!! Yes, FEAR!! When the main character, Wade, discovered that he was being stalked , I felt his intense fear. That feeling you get when someone is always watching you, the evilness of the situation overwhelmed me . I became one with Wade and felt his every  worry. All of the characters were so well and realistically described, that the reader at once, becomes totally involved in every individual's life. You are on a roller coaster ride, with the lows plunging you into distress, with your heart pounding. How can these people deal with these scary, unbelievable situations?? 

The plot is very fast paced, keeping one engrossed and on the edge of his/her seat from the first chapter to the last. I became part of this mysterious suspense, fearful of what turning the page would result in for my friends. Would they survive?? Can they discover who is so manipulative and ingenious in keeping their identity secret while planning these destructive deeds? Who would want a family man to fear for his life?? These questions as well as many others were in the back of my mind as I read. This book is truly a race against death. Who will win???  With a bit of romance thrown in, the plot intensified as the story progressed. 

This is one book, that I just could not solve the mystery. The twists and turns kept me guessing and shocked me as new totally unexpected events occurred.  It is the best cliff hanger that I have ever read!!!  A true winner!!

Just be ready to have your heart pounding and the hair on your neck standing as you travel this journey of Wade's life.

Definitely a five star book!!

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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

A Great Read for All Amish Fiction Lovers!!

"Return to Paradise"
 By Barbara Cameron


Twelve months ago, David Stoltzfus left the Amish community in Paradise, Pennsylvania—and encouraged his siblings to follow—after their father became overly stern and even abusive with them. Escaping to a new life in the Englisch world was the only way to keep one another safe. But it was not without sacrifice. When David left his father’s house and community, he also left behind Lavina Zook, the woman he planned to wed. 

Lavina hasn’t forgiven David for abandoning her, but when David’s father is diagnosed with cancer, she believes she might be the only one to lure him back to make peace . . . before it’s too late. Still, forgiveness isn’t easy. Even if she can get David to return, she’s not sure he will forgive his father. And she’s not sure she can forgive David, either.

My Thoughts:
This book is the first in a new series by popular author, Barbara Cameron, entitled "The Coming Home Series". After having thoroughly enjoyed all other books by this author, my expectations were high, and I must say, this novel was just as good , if not better , than her others. I certainly was not disappointed. 

Barbara's talent in development of characters was clearly evident in this story. I often judge a book as being "good", if I can identify with at least one of the main characters. Lavina, a young, unmarried Amish woman appealed to me and became part of me as the story began. She has many struggles and challenges and I must say, that I felt every one. Her emotional roller coaster became mine! David, the single man in the story, quickly gains my sympathy as he battles his own, very different problems in life. Can these two very dear people find love ? Or will all the obstacles in their way, defeat them?

The plot is extremely well developed and kept me engrossed from beginning to end. There are surprising twists and turns that pop up to shock the reader and keep one captivated. This storyline is one that is very different from the norm, problems that are not generally addressed in Amish fiction. The subject of an abusive husband is described in a sensitive manner, making us realize that the Amish are no different from you and I. They have similar problems in life! However, how they are dealt with are often very difficult. Divorce is simply not an answer when living in an Amish community. The story also addressed how this type of abuse affects the entire family, not only the spouse. Can forgiveness heal the situation??  How does a family deal with this, when the community tends to hide the problems? Abuse of this nature tends to send the children running, and this book is no exception. The sons have all left home. Will they return home when their father is ill?? Can they forgive the past?? This is all addressed in this book. Running away from a problem may appear to help but is does not solve any problem. 

The theme throughout this book is one of faith, forgiveness and prayer.  Easier said than done. Sin enters lives and tries to rip families and communities apart. Only God can deal with this and heal the hurts. 

A fantastic read!! I am eagerly awaiting Book Two in this series!! Get writing, Barbara!!

This book was supplied by the author in exchange for a fair and honest review. 

Friday, January 29, 2016

An Intricate Blend of Romance and Intrigue!!

    "Thin Ice"
By Irene Hannon

Synopsis: (taken from book jacket) 

After losing her parents in a car accident and her sister to a house fire, Christy Reed has been mired in grief. Life is finally starting to feel normal again when an envelope arrives in the mail--addressed in her sister's handwriting. And the note inside claims she is still alive.

FBI Special Agent Lance McGregor, a former Delta Force operator, is assigned to reopen the case, but he's coming up with more questions than answers. If Ginny Reed is still alive--who is the woman buried in her grave? Where is Ginny? And is Christy a pawn in a twisted cat-and-mouse game--or the target of a sinister plot? As he digs deeper, one thing becomes clear: whoever is behind the bizarre ruse has a deadly agenda.

Bestselling author and two-time Christy Award finalist Irene Hannon warms readers' hearts as they root for a romance between Lance and Christy, but she pulls out all the stops as this high-stakes thriller chills to the bone in a race to the finish.

My Thoughts:
 As a big fan of Irene Hannon, my expectations of this book were high!!  I must say, that I was NOT disappointed!! This creation has to be one of this author's best ever!!  If you are a reader like I, you love to escape from reality for a while and immerse yourself in a book that takes you far and beyond what your normality is!!  I could not put this novel down !! I was totally captivated from beginning to end.

The plot involved twists and turns at the most unexpected moments. Just when your heartbeat was returning to a somewhat normal pace, a shocking event would put you once again on the edge of your seat with your heart pounding in fear and suspense. Fast paced and exciting, all in one book.

The characters were easy to identify with as they were described in an extremely realistic and believable way. The challenges and fears with which they were presented were unusual but oh so emotional. I felt every one of Christy's pains . My emotions were on a fast paced roller coaster ride as I travelled along side her in her strange circumstances.

Definitely a five star book!! 

All I can say is WOW!!!!!
About the Author
Bestselling author and three-time RITA Award winner Irene Hannon pulls out all the stops in this high-stakes thriller that races to a bone-chilling finish.|Irene Hannon is the bestselling and award-winning author of more than fifty novels, including Buried Secrets and the Heroes of Quantico, Guardians of Justice, and Private Justice series. In addition to many other honors, she is a seven-time finalist for and three-time winner of the prestigious RITA Award from Romance Writers of America. She is also a member of that organization's elite Hall of Fame. Learn more at  

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Another Great Amish Romance from Popular Author, Molly Jebber!

"Grace's Forgiveness"
  By Molly Jebber

Synopsis:  Grace Blauch is skilled at midwifery as well as crafting very special quilts that help others pass on messages of everlasting family love. 

However, this wonderful, young lady's life is severely affected by a disfiguring birthmark. This keep this fine girl from a husband and home of her own, her greatest desires. That is, until Mark King, a single man arrives on the scene. His helpfulness and independent nature attract Grace and earn her respect. He finds her outspoken ways and determination to do right very appealing. Soon Grace is planning a wedding quilt of her own ... that is, until her father discovers that Mark has a shunned brother and he just happens to be hiding somewhere nearby. 

Grace's understanding spirit knows why Mark took such a risk when she hears his heart wrenching reasons.  Deep down, Grace fears that even prayer will not change her father's mind and he will never restore his blessing on their union. She is ready to face the end of her dreams. A sudden danger and impossible act of generosity will show her that abiding home can inspire the most precious of all miracles!!!

My Thoughts: This book is the second in The Keepsake Pocket Novels. After thoroughly enjoying "Change of Heart", I was somewhat reluctant to begin another book by this fabulous author.... NOT because I didn't love her writing, but because, I did not think that any other book could equal the first!! I was pleasantly surprised!! This book was equally as good, if not better.

The characters were so realistically and delightfully described that they became my best friends! The subject of having a birthmark and dealing with life's challenges due to it being in a prominent place, was dealt with in a sensitive manner. Grace had a heart of gold that even the taunts and hurtful comments made by others do not get her down. At times, I just wanted to give her a big hug and say it would work out fine. Her trust in the Lord was evident from the first to the end of this story. Mark was a man of God, who had gone through so many trials himself. Trying to do the right thing, is not always easy and often causes one more heartache. 

The plot moved quickly full of twists and turns that keep the reader glued to the page. I must admit the world passed me by, as I lived with Grace and Mark. 

This is a book that Amish Romance readers will love but also one that teaches all of us how to accept and deal with others who are different . Strength and faith is so important to one's happiness, as this novel proves. 

I highly recommend this book!! Definitely a five star!! Eagerly awaiting the next one!!

Author Information

Molly Jebber is an educational, motivational, and Women's Christian Connection speaker. She was raised in a small town in the Midwest, and insists if you had blinked twice, you would've missed it. She loves God, her family and friends, sunshine, swimming and traveling to the Amish communities.  Creating historical Amish characters and throwing them into difficult situations and joyous times has been challenging and fun for her. The greatest reward she’s experienced in becoming an author is meeting wonderful people from all over the world who've been encouraging and supportive.

Link to order this fantastic book :

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Win A Great Book By Popular Author, Vannetta Chapman! Leave a comment on this blog to be eligible to win a copy of this brand new book!!

                                   "Joshua's Mission"

       By Vannetta Chapman

It is my pleasure to provide you with an interview with Vannetta Chapman, a great author and friend. Her newest book , "Joshua's Mission" is just about to be released and I must say, it is her best yet!! It is a story of the Amish genre , however unique in its setting as well as development of the plot. If you are tired of the "ordinary" Amish fiction, then this is definitely one you should read! 

My rating: Character development - Five Stars
               Plot Development - Five Stars
               Interest Level and Intrigue- Five Stars
The characters in this book were so realistically and well developed, that they immediately became part of me and my world. I so wanted to envelope them with my love and prayers as they went through unbelievable struggles and challenges. My heart hurt for them as the worst of the worst conditions arose. 

The plot was fast moving and kept me glued to the page! Full of unexpected twists and turns, it kept me up long after my bedtime. I just HAD to know what would happen next. 

Vannetta has put her heart and soul into the creation of this novel. Her research into the history of Port Aransas was clearly evident as the story unfolded. God's wish for all of us to care, love and forgive is the theme throughout the book. These thoughts remain with you  and yes, cause you to ponder upon your life and how you can change to  help others and and supply their needs.

I LOVED "Joshua's Mission"! Don't miss this five star book!!

Joshua’s Mission  Setting: Port Aransas, Texas

Thank you for inviting me to visit your blog today. I’m very excited about the release of Joshua’s Mission (2-1-16), which is book 2 in my Plain & Simple Miracles series. TheAmish characters in this book live in Cody’s Creek, Oklahoma. That’s a fictional town, but it’s based on Chouteau, Oklahoma, which is east of Tula.

The bulk of the action happens at Port Aransas, Texas. In my story, a category 4 hurricane hits the gulf and pretty much levels the town. Then volunteers start arriving, all sorts of people from near and far, and among those volunteers are my smallish group of Amish who are serving with Mennonite Disaster Services.

1. Basics about Port Aransas. Port A is the only town on Mustang Island, and is located across the bay from Corpus Christi. There are approximately 3,500 residents in the town, though there are a lot more during summer tourist season. The University of Texas Marine Science Institute is also located here.

2. Past hurricanes. Port A has sustained hurricane damage in the past. The 1916 hurricane destroyed nearly everything. There have been other hurricanes to hit the area, including Carla in 1961 and Celia in 1970.

3. Visiting.  I had a wonderful time visiting the Port A area. We went in October, so there wasn’t a lot of tourists, but there was still plenty to do. And yes, it was warm enough to swim. We walked up and down the beaches, visited local restaurants, spoke to the museum curator, stopped by city hall, and interviewed at length one of the local realtors. Everyone was very helpful, and everyone we spoke to said it’s not a matter of IFthere will be another hurricane, but WHEN. They are doing their best to raise building codes and of course have very detailed evacuation plans. We also went out on a tour boat that took us around the bay. The crew caught a net full of fish which they let us see and touch before throwing them back in. (Yes, this a scene in the book).

4. Truth vs fiction. Much of what you will read in Joshua’s Mission has already happened. The actual hurricane scenes are from my imagination, but I used firsthand accounts of past hurricanes to make them plausible. The Tarpon Inn and giant shark exist in the downtown area, and the tour boat is exactly as I describe it – right down to the man who handled the fish having only one arm (see picture). This guy was amazing.

5. MDS. The heart of this story is about how people help one another and how they fall on their faith in difficult times. My husband has worked with Mennonite Disaster Services in central Texas, where they have shown up to help many times. The scenes I depict of MDS volunteers rebuilding are fictional, but I interviewed MDS administrators as well as read their book describing their organization.

6. Additional reading. If these subjects interest you, I highly recommend the following books: 

• Mennonite Disaster Service, by Brenda D. Phillips.
• Images of America: Port Aransas, by J. Guthrie Ford and Mark Creighton
• 1919 The Storm, by Murphy Givens and Jim Moloney

Now I’d love to hear from you. Have you ever visited the Texas coast? If not, tell me your favorite beach or vacation spot. 

Vannetta Chapman

Bio and Links

Vannetta Chapman writes inspirational fiction full of grace. She discovered her love for the Amish while researching her grandfather’s birthplace of Albion, Pennsylvania. Her novel, Falling to Pieces, was a 2012 ACFW Carol Award winner for best mystery. Chapman was a teacher for 15 years and currently writes full time. She lives in the Texashill country with her husband.

This book was provided by the author for a fair and honest review.

To be entered into a draw for a copy of this magnificent book , just leave a comment on this blog. The draw will take place on Feb. 15th. Please make sure to leave your email address along with your comment so that you can be contacted. 


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Adult Colouring Books!! The new , yet old way to destress and relax!!

          "Live     Love"

"Craft God's Word Into Your Heart
Through Creative Expression"

Margaret Feinberg

Okay, first off, I must admit that I never really grew up!!! As an quiet, reserved child, I spent many happy hours with my colouring books, crayons and pencil crayons. These were the days before the popular markers arrived on the scene. 

What a fantastic surprise it was, when adult colouring books hit the market! The variety of books available is amazing and in a short time, it has become the "in" thing in which to immerse oneself, to find a bit of quiet time in a hectic, fast paced world. It didn't take long for me to become deeply involved in this current craze! My stack of colouring books began to grow, along with a selection of colouring tools. A sudden health problem last June, demanded rest and relaxation, in order for healing to take place. Colouring became an important part of my daily routine. I was unable to exercise my muscles so I activated my brain. Colouring became my outlet for discouragement and gave me an interest on depressing days. I only wished that I had come upon this particular book during that time.

"Live Love" not only contributes to a time of relaxation and release of stress, but gives us an opportunity to reflect on God's Word as we colour. The journaling page alongside each design forces one to think of the verse and respond to each in a private Bible Study. It has become my simple way to get rid of daily stress but include a quiet time with the Lord. I must admit that I don't always take that time as often as I should. This book has become such a help  to lead me in a Christian direction. 

I would definitely recommend this book to those who feel overwhelmed with daily life and need a quiet time.

**Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc. in exchange for my honest review.